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Gujarat State
Handloom & Handicrafts
Development Corporation Ltd.


State Government Schemes

The Corporation is implementing various schemes for the promotion and development of the Handloom Sector as per the details given below.

Intensive Handloom Development Scheme for Schedule Caste Weavers & Other than Schedule Caste

  • The weavers outside Co-operative fold are covered under the scheme.
  • Providing employment
  • Supply of raw materials.
  • Imparting training in modern weaving techniques.
  • Supply of modern tool kits.
  • Procurement of goods from weavers.
  • Marketing through the sales outlets of the Corporation and exhibitions


To produce the products according to the market needs. The training is imparted at the door steps of the weavers. The brief details are as follows:-

  • Stipend Rs.1500/- per month
  • Training Period 2 months
  • Raw materials are provided during training
  • Imparting training through master craftsman and qualified technicians.


Modern toolkits are provided to the weavers to produce the products according to the market demand.

  • 65% subsidy of the value of the toolkits
  • 35% loan of the value of the toolkits

Supply of raw materials

Weavers are not able to procure quality raw materials like yarn, etc. to produce the products as per market demand. Hence Corporation is procuring the quality raw materials and supplying to the Weavers.

Rebate and discount

To boost the sale of the handloom products, in the contemporary and competitive market especially during the festival and non-festival season, special 5% rebate to the customers is allowed on the products produced by the Weavers through out the year.

Design Development

The woven products of Garvi-Gurjari are exotic with tales of romance and heroism in character. So to augment higher sales of these products in the present competitive market, the design development is necessary. New designs are developed through qualified freelance designers to cater the requirement of present fashion trends and also to create value added products. This ultimately helps in creating market for new products and thereby generation of employment opportunities for weavers. Prototype samples are developed on the basis of the new designs and these samples are replicated in bulk quantities keeping in view of the present fashion trends.

Publicity and Advertisement

To popularize and to achieve higher sales, it is necessary create awareness about the products in the market. Publicity is carried through TV channel, News papers ads, Handbills, Souvenirs, Banners, Hoardings, etc to create awareness among the customers.

Central Government Schemes - Handloom

Corporation is also implementing various schemes of the Government of India for the promotion and welfare of the Handloom Weavers