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Gujarat State
Handloom & Handicrafts
Development Corporation Ltd.

Hand Block Printing

Gujarat dominated the seaborne cotton trade through ages and is still today a major producer of block prints. The combination of printing with mordant dyeing is typical of the technique in many parts of Gujarat with hand carved woven blocks and prints on fabric. The ‘Ajarakh’ resist printing of Dhamadka and Ajarakhpur in Kutch is well known. The ‘Matani-Pachhedi’ used religious purpose made by the ‘Devi Pujak’ community uses a combination of block printing for the outline of the pattern and the painting of the mordents. Vegetable ‘prints from Dessa, Ahmedabad and Kutch, ‘Batik’ prints from Bhujpur, Mundra and Mandvi villages of Kutch and ‘Saudagiri’ Prints of Ahmedabad are famous.

Salwar suits, shirts, kurtas, jackets, skirts, sarees, dupattas, dress-materials, furnishings like bed-covers, pillow covers, table cloth, napkin set, curtains are some of the items made with unique hand block printing.